Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Happy Accidents + Inspiration

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Over the time that I’ve had my own handmade shop, all that creating and designing has taught me some things. One main thing that I am still learning is that inspiration is everywhere, and I need to be looking for it! Sometimes I don’t even realize a prime source of inspiration right away. Does anyone else do that? I have a feeling I miss a lot!

One of these instances happened recently. I noticed two spools of thread sitting side by side - one red, one brown. And I thought, “Hmm, red and brown...I haven’t played with that colour combo yet!”

I filed the thought away for later, thinking it didn’t apply to the present. I was wrong!

A couple weeks later, I was busy making a custom order. The lady had requested this pansy material inside and out, so I was finding a couple trim pieces that I had on hand to compliment it. I had the red band cut out along with a yellow trim piece, all ready to go.

But I felt a little “meh” about the yellow I had picked out.

(Another thing I’ve learned during the handmade process is that if you feel “meh” about something, it is better to wait until you get a better idea. Otherwise, you end up feeling so-so about the finished product.)

While I was putting the tote together, it struck me that those very same colours I had admired in thread spools were in the pansy print! Red and brown...could I pull it off??

Why yes, I could.

I was just over the moon excited with how the colours turned out. So much better than the yellow I was planning to go with!

Bonus: the customer was over the moon happy with it as well! In fact, her very words were, “Would you feast your eyes on THIS!!” =)

It was such a happy accident that I had some scrap pieces to use that exactly matched the pansy print. It was a happy accident that I had red and brown threads, from two unrelated projects, sitting next to each other. Don’t you just love those kinds of accidents??

I’d love to know: where do you look for your inspiration? Ever had “happy accidents” happen in your crafting or creating?

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