Sunday, October 6, 2013

So Sew! Day 6: Free Printable Art

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Welcome to day 6 of our 31 Days series! Today I'm sharing some free printable art!

It is Sunday, and because this is a special month where I actually post on Sundays, I wanted to make it good. =) This month you will be getting four downloadable art prints with inspiring quotes! I'm so excited about each of these!!

Today your quote is about discipline. If a person wants to learn something new - sewing, or anything - they are going to need a lot of discipline! If you already know how to sew, as I do, and want to keep perfecting your craft or using it in bigger ways {think, owning your own handmade shop} you will need discipline!

So today's quote seems appropriate.

Discipline: The ability to say "no" to what is sin, "yes" to what is right, and "I will" to what ought to be done. ~Jerry White

You may be able to save this to your computer by right clicking on it and choosing "save as," or you can click here to download it from Google Drive. This print is large enough to be an 8x10" print, but you can re-size it whatever size you prefer, or use it as your desktop or screensaver. Its up to you - it is a free print for your use!

If you enjoy this print and plan to use it, will you let me know? I had fun putting it together, and am so looking forward to sharing the next 3 with you!

Have a blessed Lord's day! =)

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