Monday, February 10, 2014

Hello Monday! February 10, 2014

It's Monday, time for some hellos! If you're just coming in, Hello Monday posts, started by Lisa Leonard, are where I greet the week with some hellos, and reflect a bit on last week.You are welcome to join me by saying hello to your own day in the comments section or over at Lisa's blog.

Hello Winter Olympics! I'm enjoying watching...and cheering for both the US and Canada. :)

Hello winter in my backyard. 

Hello sheets of ice coming off the metal roof. Its a heart attack waiting to happen.

Hello three days later...

Hello custom orders. I'm working on my largest tote yet, can't wait to share it with you when its done!

Hello sleepovers with cousins.

Hello new projects. Going to attempt to reupholster a big armchair with my aunt...a first for both of us! Any tips?

Hello Valentines week. I'll be so glad when its over!

Hello cold mornings. Its hard to get out from under my heated blanket!

Hello seeing family and old aquaintances.

Hello getting family pictures. We had these taken right before Christmas.

Hello to my blog readers! What are you saying hello to today?


  1. Hello freshly bathed dog, hello 8 souls who recieved Christ in our youth rally. Hello to a new found love for my Bible and thankfulness that I was born in the USA with the freedom to learn about God. Hello to more thankfulness for being raised in a Christian home. We had a Cuban Lady come to our youth rally who, growing up under communist rule was not allowed to learn about God. Also 2 teenagers told us they had never heard the gospel before, ever! So my last hello is to a full heart!

    1. Those are some wonderful things to be saying hello to today! My parents are also saying hello to a newly saved teen from a teen retreat last weekend. Such exciting times! =)


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