Monday, March 3, 2014

Hello Monday, Sales, and New Opportunities!

It's Monday, time for some hellos! If you're just coming in, Hello Monday posts, started by Lisa Leonard, are where I greet the week with some hellos, and reflect a bit on last week.You are welcome to join me by saying hello to your own day in the comments section or over at Lisa's blog. Lets greet the new week with a smile!

Hello babysitting. I get to enjoy some cousin time every afternoon this week!

Hello sunshine and sub-zero temps.

Hello housesitting. This is the last week!

Hello new projects. Have you ever re-upholstered before? This is my first time!

Hello bonding time over thousands of upholstery staples and hearing fun stories from the past.

Hello fun at work. I love my job!

Hello Oreos and cookie dough. Someone stop me!

Hello sale in my shop. These items will be gone after tomorrow!

Hello new opportunities for you to partner with So Sew Organized. I am SO EXCITED about an announcement I have to make later is hint!

Hello new items in the shop. Some of you are now the proud owners of the new infinity scarves! If you haven't snagged one yet, which one do you prefer?

Hello Monday, hello readers! What are you saying hello to today?

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