Monday, April 28, 2014

Blogging Growth and a SCARY New Opportunity

The bundle referred to in this post is no longer available. No previous affiliate links will generate any sales or income. Be sure to subscribe to my blog to learn about the next Ultimate Bundle! Read on to learn about a fantastic opportunity I have as a blogger.

Like most bloggers out there, I am always looking for ways to grow and learn as a blogger. I like trying new things, whether it be in blog design, social media, or challenging myself in my writing. There is always a sense of accomplishment when I finally get the hang of something new - like the time it took me two hours of being buried in my HTML to figure out the picture flipping-thing in this post. Seriously, how fun is that!!!!??? The picture flipping-thing I mean, not the two hours of HTML. :)

That is one of the main reason I am so excited about the blogging books offered in the Ultimate Homemaking eBook bundle.

There are some fabulous books here that I didn't even know existed before the bundle, and I can't wait to learn from these authors who have so much to share. I'm already using some of the printable pages from the Blog Planner by Sarah Avila, because seriously, they are just so cute! I love using cute printables in my planning!

Just these blogging books alone are worth $38, but in this bundle I got them for only $29, PLUS 73 other eBooks PLUS 10 freebie products!

This deal is absolutely, positively worth it to me, especially in light of something exciting that happened last week. Yep, I have some pretty exciting, this-is-a-huge-deal news to share with you. This is the second reason why I am so excited about these blogging books!

Wait for it...

I was asked to hold a workshop at a Writer's conference. On blogging.

Little 'ol me, speaking on blogging??? I'm seriously like the smallest most insignificant blog in the entire World Wide Web, and they want me to talk about it????

I don't mind telling you, I kinda freaked out and got scared and nervous all at the same time. But I'm also really excited...excited that this will push me and stretch me to do something I've never done before. I think it will be a help to my blogging overall, and give me the push I need to bring my blog to the next level.

I'll be using the helps and books from the bundle over the next few months as I organize my thoughts and decide what exactly to speak about. I'm so thankful for those that have gone before me in the blogging arena that I can learn from!

Today is the last day to purchase the bundle. These eBooks and courses will never be available again in this form or at such a discounted price.

The kind folks that run these bundles have graciously made it possible for you to buy now and pay on May 1st instead of today. So if the money is just not available for you until payday, you can still get the bundle! Here is their official statement:

"You asked, we listened. We've heard from many who want to buy the bundle, but simply don’t have it in the budget until May 1st. Since the sale ends for good on Monday, April 28th @ 11:59 PM, we’ve come up with a way for you to have your cake and eat it, too. From now until the sale ends on Monday night, you can choose to order the bundle but defer payment until May 1st.
By completing this payment form, you are purchasing the bundle today, but your card will be charged on May 1st, 2014 in the full amount of $39.97 (Kindle version) or $29.97 (PDF version). Once it has been processed, you will receive access to your bundle."

There is another way to purchase the bundle for even less than $29! You can buy 3 of The Ultimate Homemaking bundles for the price of 2. That means each bundle only costs $19.98. This would be a great way to give the bundle as a gift, or you can go in on it with 2 friends and you all can get the bundle cheaper! If you don't know of 2 other people that want the bundle, let me know you are interested and I'd be happy to pair you with some other people that have requested the bundle.

Go here to get the bundle now before it is gone. Remember, it ends at midnight tonight! Be sure to let me know what you think of the bundle and what your favourite resources are from it.

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