Monday, April 21, 2014

Hello Vacation, Hello Monday!

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Its Monday, time for some hellos! I love greeting the week with an excitement about what will be accomplished in the days ahead. Some people dread Mondays, but they don't need to! Its a new week with new opportunities. A great reason to greet it with a smile!

I'm joining the community at Lisa Leonard's blog where everyone is saying hello to Monday. Will you join us? 

Hello Monday.

HELLO TRIP TO CANADA!! Leaving tomorrow, and I can't wait!

Hello shop vacation.

Hello new product when I get back. Here is a sneak peak:

I'm so excited about this!!
 Hello colourful scarves.

I'm wearing the white one and the pink stripe one the most!
Hello Resurrection Sunday.

Hello to an Easter play on Good Friday. Several of my cousin's kids were in it, and they did so good!

Hello being so thankful for what Christ did for me!

Hello Easter dinner with family.

This was only a portion...there was about 25 of us there!

Hello to an exciting eBook bundle coming this week.

More details coming tomorrow, and the bundle is available starting Wednesday morning!

Hello to packing.

Hello to the last day of work.

Hello to last minute details.

Hello to you readers, hello to a new week! What are you saying hello to today?


  1. I'm saying 'Hello' to warmer weather and hopefully less desserts this week which hopefully allow me to say Hello to my few clothes that have gotten a little snug.
    Hello Monday!

    1. Hello Melanie! Thanks for commenting. =) Hope you get to say hello to those clothes this week!


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