Monday, September 15, 2014, Goodbye??!!

The Healthy Living bundle is no longer available...thanks for taking an interest! Subscribe to my blog to read more about my healthy living journey and get a heads up when the next bundle is available. 

We're doing something a little different around here today, folks. Instead of a typical hello Monday post, where we greet the new week with a smile and reflect on the past week, we're saying goodbye.

Goodbyes are hard. Trust me, I've had my fair share of them!

I don't want this to be a sad goodbye for you, however. Parting can be sweet sorrow, in this case! That is why I am giving you this one last chance to grab the healthy living eBook bundle before it is gone...because in just 8 hours (midnight EST) it will be, forever!

So lets take a moment to say goodbye, shall we?

Goodbye, over $1,000 worth of eBooks that will help me provide nourishing meals for my family, take control of my own health, and give me the knowledge to keep harmful chemicals and toxins out of my home.

Goodbye, $288 dollars worth of ecourses, including a fitness challenge, essential oil course, and helps for grocery store savings.

Goodbye, bonus memberships, store credits and other freebies worth $200.

Goodbye to endless healthy, nourishing recipes and free, cute recipe cards to put them on.

If you purchase the bundle through my links, just contact me in any way and let me know...I'll send you these specially designed recipe cards for free!

Goodbye to all the best, trusted healthy living bloggers and their best resources all in one place.

Are you about ready to be done with the goodbyes? I am! :) Put an end to my foolish goodbyes, and pick up your bundle now in the final hours. I really, truly don't want you to miss out! If you are still on the fence, why not read these testimonials from people just like you, or browse through the list of authors and see what they have to offer?

I know $30 might seem like a big commitment...but I think I am safe to say that you spend WAAAY more than just $30 on other areas of your family's health and wellness. Am I right? This is $30 that you WILL get back in long-term benefits!

I'm done talking now. Just go get the bundle. The End. And Goodbye.

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