Friday, February 12, 2010

Some Things I Like About My Life

1. I like chapel. Every message lately has been wonderful...the last two days messages were entitled, "The Storms of Life" and todays was, "God's Will is Best." Both amazing, applicable messages. Not only do I love sitting under the preaching, I love being able to participate in the music department. Next week I get to play the piano, and I always look forward to doing that. I also get to play "Carribean Music," as one person calls it. :D Thats the marimba. I play that almost every day! Its an experience, thats for sure!

2. I like King's Kids. I get to help teach the 1st and 2nd graders at King's Kids at my church. I love working with these adorable children. Well, the ones that behave are adorable, which is almost all of them! There are 3 girls especially that are treasures, and I get to listen to their goal cards each week. They are Reagan Coop, Audrey Deatrick, and Kierra Boylston. I love these 3 girls so much! There is something so rewarding about working with them, and the way they always want to please me. Even when it is something like picking a purple sticker for their goal card because they know my favorite color is adorable! Kierra especially is my little friend. She will talk my ear off if I let her! They are all super sweet and super fun to be with, I look forward to it each week.

3. I like my friends. Today Christy sent me a baloon and a "valogram" while I was sweet of her to think of me! Another girl gave me cookies and a sweet message. It is nice to know that friends are praying for me and love me!

4. I like my job...believe it or not, I will miss this job come May! I have worked in the college library for 3 1/2 years now, and made so many memories! At time it can get long and boring, but I love books, and being able to visit with people that come through. It has been a lot of fun, and also a good source of money for me over the years.

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