Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Piano Lessons

Every Monday night I teach my 3 youngest siblings Piano. I have really enjoyed this opportunity, as I get to put to practice some of the things I've learned here at school. I have a lot of fun looking for things for them to do! :D Also, I enjoy making games and worksheets for them. Here are some pictures of some of the things we did during a lesson. The first Monday of every month is a lesson devoted just to "theory" and a little fun with music games and such.

Thank you Mrs. Smith! I am able to use some of the things I made in Piano Pedagogy class! I actually pulled my notes and things out from that class too! I almost wish I could take it again!

They look real studious, don't they?? Seriously, they do a good job.

Carrie is way too smart for her own good! This week she told me, "Next week I am going to learn bass clef!" (And she's not even supposed to know what that is yet!!)

Who's brother is that, anyway???

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