Saturday, March 13, 2010

Spring Tour

Well, so far so good! We are having a good tour. We had a banquet yesterday and one today. Both went very well. It is so sad that I am done with banquets forever!!! I love doing banquets.
Our van is absolutely crazy. In the back seat it is Scott, Will and Dan Tarr. And then Jaimie and I sit together. Now that Lara is gone :( I get the window seat :) which is great! Here's a couple pictures:
Here is Jaimie and I with Dan Tarr in the background making faces.
This is Jaimie, Liz and I on the way to the Godfrey's house. We're having lots of fun!! Mrs. Godfrey had key lime pie and coffee waiting for us. Its nice to be able to relax with people that sorta know me. I appreciate this little "respite" before a busy week!! (Is that a word??)

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