Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Trip to Ohio

On Sunday, I travelled to Ohio with my good friend Holly Skinner, soon to be Minion. She is getting married this Saturday! Its hard to believe. Holly and I were in the dorm together for 2 years. When we get together its pretty crazy, we do silly stuff like finish each other's sentences, watch fun movies, and facebook each other while sitting beside each other. Yeah, we're nuts. We're having a blast getting ready for her wedding, however. Throughout the week more people have come, and now we have a house full of girls getting ready for a wedding. I have never been involved in a wedding of such a close friend, and I have to say it is incredibly fun. Both Holly and her soon-to-be husband are in my group of closest friends, so we get to decorate and get ready with all of our closest friends. Some people probably think we're crazy... like the people at Barnes and Noble tonight when we rode the escalator up and down! Hopefully soon I will have pictures to post!


  1. It sounds like you, Holly, and Andrew are having lots of fun. Praying for you all. Have a wonderful time at the wedding.

    Kevin Gilbert

  2. Can't wait to see pictures! (hint hint). Glad to find out you are a blogger!


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