Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Top Ten Tuesday - Little Pleasures

Last Top Ten post I promised that I would give you the Top Ten things that I’ll call “little pleasures.” These are small things I especially enjoy, things that bring a secret little smile to my face. Things I wish I could do and see more often, but if they were often, commonplace things, they probably wouldn’t bring me so much pleasure, would they?

Normally in my Top Ten, I put them in order of importance, with 10 being the least important and 1 being the most important whatever-it-is I’m talking about at the moment. But this time I couldn’t put them in any order. All of these things make me especially happy, and none are really more important than the other.

Also, I normally write a few sentences of explanation with each one. I’m not doing that today, either. These things are self-explanatory, so I’m just going to list them, and let you imagine them in your mind and think about the pleasure they bring you.

So, here they be:

10. Butterflies

9. Sitting in the sun

8. Fresh sheets and pajamas right out of the dryer

7. Coffee and books

6. Fresh flowers in the spring

5. Smell of a new book (or an old one!)

4. Bird watching

3. Quiet bike ride

2. Taking a shower

1. Lilacs

What things bring a special smile to your face?


  1. Here's 10 for me, in no particular order:
    1. Ice cream
    2. The smell of freshly mown grass
    3. Walking barefoot in cool grass
    4. Hammocks
    5. The smell of lilacs
    6. The satisfaction of a day of hard physical work
    7. Cool, crisp fall mornings
    8. Frsh, unspoiled snow
    9. Rugged scenery
    10. The roar of jets flying close overhead

  2. Lauren Lockhart said...
    Here's my 10 and in no particular order:-)

    1. Listening to the coo of the morning dove in the early mornings.

    2. Camping in Cades Cove

    3. Cuddling with my girls after bathtime

    4. Making spiced pies

    5. Hot Cinnamon tea on a cold winter morning

    6. Reading to my nieces and nephews

    7. Truck rides over the fields

    8. Holding my husbands hand:-)

    9. Uninterrupted quiet time with my LORD

    10. Reading Jane Austen

  3. Jacob, I'm glad you like lilacs too! Aren't they just the best flower?

    Lauren, some cold winter morning I'm coming to your house. :) Wish I really could!


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