Friday, November 19, 2010

Coastal Living

I have already blogged about our move to Canada, and now I’d like to blog a little bit about what its like to live in Canada. Since none of you would know because you haven’t come to visit us. :)

There are some differences between Nova Scotia and  Maine, but not very many. There are more differences between Nova Scotia and North Carolina. I would love for all my southern friends to be able to come live up here for a while up here, just for the experience. :)

One thing that is different is the food we eat. While we were in NC we ate a lot different than we do in the north. Mainly because we could not get our garden to grow. We love to eat lots lots of home grown food, but it was not very possible for us down there. Up here we also get a lot of fresh meat, seafood and dairy products...much more than we did in the south.

Another things thats different is the much more laid back lifestyle. Yes, I know anywhere away from a college environment will seem laid back! :) But even more so than Maine. That has been fun to adjust to. Its hard for me to just relax and not be on the go all the time.

Well, that is a very small glimpse into our coastal living. :)  I’m sure I will blog more about it from time to time.

On a more random note:

I soon will be posting a mini-series tutorial on making chair pads. I’ve been making them for a lady in our church, and I realized that blogging about it would make a very long, overwhelming tutorial. So, I’ve decided to split it up some. It has been fun, I’m excited to share it with you!

I also soon  plan to start posting about Christmas traditions. No, it is not too early!!! It will take me from now to Christmas to exhaust my plethora of Christmas traditions! :) I hope you’ll enjoy that as well.

Have you ever lived in another country? Or even moved from north to south...or visa versa??

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