Sunday, November 14, 2010

Making Butter

Twice this week I used the fresh cream off our milk (we get it straight from the cow...the way it should be!!) to make butter! I used these directions from the Heavenly Homemaker's site and it worked perfectly! Quick and easy. Just thought I'd pass it along to those who may like to try it out. It comes out such a beautiful yellow color, and its so nice to know that its not food coloring!! :)


  1. A girl after my own heart! Don't you just love fresh milk?! We get our from a farmer in SC and we love eating homemade yogurt, butter, and making smoothies and shakes with the milk...and no, milk in the store "organic" or not is NOT milk! Thanks for passing along the link:-)

  2. Mr Dallas told me how to make butter once in the kitchen, I didn't get to use real milk(straight from the cow) but it was still fun to see it come together! (and very tasty too!) Thanks for sharing, brings back kitchn memories :)


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