Monday, November 8, 2010

Random Days

Well, I have just a bunch of random things to post about, so this is going to be yet another bunch of randomness. Excuse me if I bore you to death.

*Disclaimer! While I was getting this post ready, I went over to Holly’s blog and found out that she just posted a random post. I promise, I am not stealing her idea! I just can’t help it that we think alike, ok? (Seriously, its bad. Ask Andrew. When we are together, we even finish each other’s sentences. We have issues.)

So, on with my randomness...

1. It has been raining hard for about 4 days straight, with no end in sight.

2. Our cellar is flooded. It was almost up to the furnace last night, so dad went and got a sump pump from one of our deacons before it could reach anything electrical.

3. I’m sick of rain.

4. We have not heard many rats since we caught the one in the trap. 

5. We did catch a mouse in our woodshed. Dad went out and there was one just sitting there looking at him. We caught it literally a few minutes later. Dad reset said trap.

6. Twice today the trap was set off and the peanut butter licked off it. Great. So now there is a rat trap set out there.

7. At the Ladies Retreat last week, one lady told Stephanie and I that next year she was going to bring her daughters so that we would have someone to talk to. Her daughters are 13 and 15 years old. Yeah, so that tells you what she thought about my age. :)

8. I am currently making chair pads for a lady in our church. More on that one of these days.

9. I am also making John Deere curtains for a lady’s kitchen. More on that as well.

10. I miss my friends in NC.

11. Carrie is way too smart for her own good. Try teaching this kid piano, its insane. She will know things before we technically “learn” them. Like, “Next week I am learning Bass Clef.” “Um, yeah, well, you’re not supposed to know about that yet!”

12. I have officially started listening to Christmas music. And no, its not too early.

Well, now you know whats going on in my life these days. Exciting, huh?! I will hopefully post on these things soon, and I hope to include some tutorials!! I love reading those things, and so I'm going to branch out and try one of my own.

What about you?? What occupies your days as we slowly slip into the winter months??


  1. I started on Christmas music too! And my bit of #2 is on the way!

  2. oh you are WAY late on the Christmas music thing...I start in July! I love your "randomness" and by the way, we all miss you here!

  3. the rats are probably drowning in your cellar as we speak…umm, type

  4. Nice job on the randomness! I feel like that is all I ever post. BTW it is way too early to be starting christmas music!!!!! You have to do Thanksgiving first and then Christmas.

  5. Becky...we have already had Thanksgiving here in Canada!! So technically I could have started Christmas music in October...:)

    Andrea...Congratulations! I told my family, "Andrea is expecting" and my mom said, "Andrea Godby??" I said, "Um, no, Hamilton!" :)


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