Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Christmas Project

Now that Christmas is over and all my gifts have been given, I can show you one of the projects I was working on before Christmas. Yes, one of the ones I was working on, like, right before Christmas. But I did get them done!! And I did give them as gifts, no matter how much I wanted to keep them.

I made four sets of these pillowcases:

They are fun and super easy to make!! It is so fun to be able to pick out three coordinating fabrics. If you are like me, you LOVE browsing through the bolts of cloth, and being able to get a little of several bolts was oh so fun!

I would walk you through a tutorial on how to make these, but my friend Tammy has already done such a great job of it, that I will just let her explain everything. Go here to have her walk you through the super-easy process!

I personally think these make great, personalized gifts for everyone on your list! Depending on what fabric is available in your area, you could make pillowcases to exactly match someone’s bedroom, or just a theme that they particularly like.

And hey, why not start now? That way next Christmas you won’t have to cram them in the last second....

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