Friday, December 31, 2010

Ice Skating

All this week, a couple of my siblings and I have been going ice skating. The activity center in Digby has had an hour of free public skating every day, since kids aren't back to school yet. It has been so much fun! We have not been skating hardly at all in the last 6 years, and so Rachel doesn't remember skating at all.

I don't ever remember going skating on a rink like this. All my past skating experience has been on "real" ice...the kind with cattails sticking up through it, ripples in it made by the wind, and a cow pie or two. :)
Thats Justin in the green, myself in the black and pink, and Rachel in the blue.

It has been great fun! Hopefully we get to do it a lot more before the winter is over!

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  1. That looks like fun! I also went ice skating this past week for the first time in about six years! It was so much fun! Hopefully next week I'll be able to go out on the lake with my brothers!


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