Monday, January 17, 2011

Canadian Terms Revealed

I don’t know about y’all, but I had a great time reading your guesses to these Canadian terms. Several people guessed correctly! Here are the answers:

Washroom: Bathroom. There were a lot of correct guesses on this one!

Grade Primary: Kindergarden. Kids go to Grade primary their first year of school, at age 5, just like a “kindergardener.”

Icing Sugar: Confectioners sugar. The bag really says “icing sugar.”

Gyprock: Sheetrock. Stephen did you cheat???? We’ve been using a lot of gyprock at our house lately!

Lypsyl: Chapstick. Just as we call all lip balm “chapstick,” even though it is really the brand name, Canadians call all lip balm “lypsyl,” which is the brand name. We have not been able to find the brand Chapstick up here, although we did find Blistex.

This was fun! Maybe I will come up with another list some time. Thank you for all your answers and guesses!

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