Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Top Ten Tuesday - Comfort Foods

We all have those foods that are just go-to, favorite, what-I-want-when-I'm-not-feeling-well foods. Here are ten of mine in no particular order:

10. Hot Chocolate

9. Coffee

8. Tea

7. Ok, any hot drink. Because I like all things hot. No comments.

6. Ramen noodles...weird I know, but I just love 'em.

5. Hamburgers

4. Salad

3. Ice cream

2. Spaghetti or American Chop Suey

1. Toasted Cheese Sandwich - especially if its made by my Grammie!

Ok, there they are. Glamorous, isn't it? Now you know what to feed me when I come visit. :)

What are your comfort foods??


  1. Tea as in Maritime style or American style? Jonathan is just now getting into doing tea the Maritime way, but I prefer herb teas. :) We both still drink iced tea in the summer.

  2. Hmm, I don't think I know the difference between Maritime and American style tea. What do Maritimers do? And I don't do sweet tea...blech. :) Not the southern way anyway! :)

  3. Seems like here (Canada) they drink it hot and black. Maybe it's just a northern thing....although when I worked at McD. down south people would order hot tea and have it loaded with sugar and milk. Then at lunch they want it loaded with sugar and ice....haha!

  4. Were you afraid sombody was going to comment about people who wrap themselves around mugs of coffee? :D

  5. Oh yes, terribly afraid...but hey I'm not the only one!!! :P


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