Thursday, February 24, 2011

My Organizing Efforts

I mentioned to you all a couple of times about how I made New Years Resolutions. One of the resolutions I made was to get my stuff more organized. I'll be honest, by that I really just meant going through my things and getting rid of the things I didn't need any more. It seems like "stuff" just accumulates over time, doesn't it?

But then a few of my friends posted about their organizing endeavors, and shared some links to some great organizing blogs. I was hooked almost instantly.

I was sitting on my bed, reading one of these blogs, and suddenly I looked up and realized just how messy my room was. It wasn't dirty, just so cluttered.

All of a sudden my resolution to get my stuff organized took on way more meaning. Since then I have worked on yes, getting rid of stuff, but also organizing what I keep and making my very small bedroom more functional for me!

So I decided to share with you one area that I organized. Here is the before picture:
This is my windowsill, which is right beside my bed. From left to right, you see a ring of verse cards, a pad of sticky notes, a bookmark, a shell to catch my watch and rings, my alarm clock, a day planner, and my Bible. All things that I use while on my bed, hence the need to have them on the windowsill. (My room is too small for me to have a nightstand beside my bed. Besides, that would block the window.)

One day I was at Walmart and saw the solution to my poor, disorganized nightstand. It was love at first sight! Are you ready? Here it is...
Ok, humor me. Tell me you think my brown mesh basket is cute. Please?

In all seriousness, this was a big help. Some day when I redecorate my room, I want to decorate in purples and browns, and I like the look of mesh baskets. So when I saw that Walmart had a little basket in brown, I knew it would be a big help. And then someday when I do that redecorating, it will match! Win win!

So here is how the area looks now:
I still need to figure out the best place for my Bible. I would like to get a shelf to go over my headboard, and keep all my Bible Study materials there. We'll see what happens!

Anyone else doing any organizing?


  1. Very cute Basket! I'm in need of containers for some of my projects so I'll have to give Wally World a look-see!

  2. Fancy girl! Very cute! An idea for your Bible and Bible study stuff: I put my stuff in a basket. It's about a foot log and has handles on both ends. It keeps everything together really nicely!


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