Monday, April 25, 2011

Answers to Canadian Words

You all have done a great job guessing at these words that are used in Canada! I have had a lot of fun reading through your answers. Several of them you got right, but I stumped you on a few. Here are the answers:

1. Facecloth: Washcloth. I about died when I read this by “anonymous:” (even thought I’m quite sure I know who it is :)

“Sounds like an ancient form of facebook only the gossip is written on a sheep skin cloth and hung on a tree by the side of the road for every one to read.”

Ha ha!!!

2. Cheesies: Cheese puffs

3. Whippersnipper: sorry, this is not a kid. :) In Maine we would call this a weed whacker, in North Carolina we would call it a weed eater.

4. Zed: this is the letter "z". I think this comes more from the French influence around here, but everyone refers to it as zed.

5. Soother: Pacifier

6. Javex: Bleach. It is actually a type of bleach, much like we would say “Clorox” in the States.

7. Mounty: Royal Canadian Mounted Police. I have yet to actually see a mounted police, however. :) They now mount their vehicles. We would say “cop”, or “police”, but here they just say “mounty.”

8. (I added this one in a later post, in case you missed it) Outpatients: This is similar to the Emergency Room at the hospitals in the states. I think there might be some differences, but I’ve never been to either one as a patient, so I really couldn’t tell you exactly.

So, what did you all think? Any that were a suprise? Thanks for participating, this was a lot of fun. Any other words you’ve picked up along the way?

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