Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Top Ten Tuesday - Worldliness

This is a list from a message preached by my pastor in North Carolina, Pastor Frank Camp. This is another list that I have written in the back of my Bible. I like to read through these from time to time, to re-evaluate some areas of my life and refresh my memory on some Biblical principles. I pray this list will challenge you to do the same!

Worldliness: A Biblical Test

1. Are you being conformed to this world?

2. Are you being changed into the image of God?

3. Are you cold to God?

4. Are you comfortable in this world?

5. Are the cares of this life consuming your efforts?

6. Are you a coward when it comes to serving God?

7. Are your communications about the things of the world?

8. Have you stopped confronting error?

9. Does the world ‘court’ you?

10. Is the world crucified to you? Or has the cross lost its effect?

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