Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Help Me Win A Gift Card

Did you ever do those chain letters when you were younger? Seems like they went through a "phase" where they were popular. You sent 10 letters to your friends and then sent something back to the person who sent you the letter, or some variation of that. One time I participated in one where we sent hand towels, and if everyone cooperated we were supposed to each receive 20+ hand towels when all was said and done. Pretty sure I received 2. Party poopers.

I was recently made aware of this offer from Shop It To Me that reminds me of those chain letters. If 10 people sign up for Shop It To Me under my name, I get a free gift card to the store of my choice. There are several stores to choose from. $10 to Starbucks?? Yes please.

The great thing about it is that this is totally legitimate. I signed up under someone I know that has already received more than one gift card from Shop It To Me. Yes, thats right, it doesn't just work for the first 10 people that sign up, but for every 10 people that sign up you get a gift card. So next time, I can pick something else besides Starbucks. Nahhh......

Shop It To Me is like a personal online shopper. It asks you a few questions to determine what you are looking for in clothing, shoes and accessories. Then it gives you the best deals for those items you are looking for. So it does all the work for you....no more looking through pages and pages of men's golf shirts to get to the women's clothing section. Unless of course, you want to look at men's golf shirts. Oh, and they have kids clothes too!

The even greater thing about this site is that there is no obligation to buy anything. In fact, I'll be honest....in the near future I don't plan on making any purchases through Shop It To Me. I much prefer to sit here and tell you about it so I can get a gift card. Cheap, aren't I?

So all of that to say, if you want to give it a try, heres how to sign up under me. (Remember, it won't benefit me unless you sign up under my name.) Leave a comment and I will email you a link, or go to my facebook profile and follow the link there. Do Not just go to the Shop It To Me site and sign up....that won't help me at all!

Oh, and while I'm talking about getting free stuff, just in case there is anyone out there that is not on the Swagbucks bandwagon, you can click on the button in my side bar to sign up for that as well. Swagbucks is basically just a search engine like Google that awards you with "swagbucks" for using their site. Those swagbucks can be redeemed for gift cards and other things. I am kinda new to the swagbuck community, so I have yet to cash in on anything, but I'm well on my way! You can help me out here too, by signing up for your own swagbuck account by clicking on my button. This will reward me with Swagbucks! Its just a whole lot of get-free-stuff love going on out there!

So if you want to get some free stuff, try these things out. Again, there is no obligation to ever purchase anything, and it will be a help to me. Don't be the party pooper that didn't send me a hand towel. No, I'm not bitter. Thanks in advance!!

***Note: No one asked me to write all this about Shop It To Me or Swagbucks. I just like free stuff. What can I say? I'm cheap like that.

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