Thursday, July 14, 2011

Book Review: How To Market And Sell Your eBook Part 2

STOP! Before you read any further, have you read the introduction and part 1 of this review?? I wouldn't want you coming in now without reading those posts. That would be like starting a book in the middle! How anti-climactic!

Now we are getting to the meat of this book. Part 2 is titled, "Content And Community." How are people going to hear about your book? Who will read it? Do people really want to read what I have to say??

Sarah talks about content success, and how to make what you write be just what is "in demand." Take what you are passionate about, and find the gap in literature about your subject. Chances are, if you see a gap, others do too, and they will want to read material that bridges that gap.

At the end of the chapter on content, Sarah answers these and other reader questions:
  • How do you choose a topic that will sell?
  • Is there an average length for an ebook?
  • How much does it cost to get my book edited?
  • Should I copyright my ebook?
This book is extremely practical in that Sarah gives links to some great resources to help us build our "platform" and our "tribe." (That is another great thing about eBooks, can't follow links in a real book!) How do you create a "following" of people, so that when your book comes out, there is someone there to read it? I am excited to learn from what Sarah has to say about this topic!

But do you have to have a tribe, or following of people, before writing your book? Surprisingly enough, no! When you read the chapter on "The Million Dollar Woman" you will see that it can be done. A blog or other avenue of social media is a fantastic place to start, however, and helps build that tribe that is interested in your content.

Sarah quotes Michael Hyatt, who answers the question, "How do you create a platform if you don't already have one?"

"The answer is simpler than you think: build one. It's never been more possible. For the first time in history, perhaps, you don't need a lot of money or even the right connections. What you need is something to say, a fair amount of determination, and persistence. But it is possible."

It is? But how?

Coming up next time: Part 3, "The Details." Don't miss it!

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