Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Book Review: How To Market And Sell Your eBook Part 3

Be sure you go back and read the Introduction, Part 1 and Part 2 of this new eBook. Then jump back and join us here for part 3!

Part 3: The Details

This section of the book was very engaging! Sarah Mae broke down several specifics about getting your eBook on the market. She addressed the cost to produce it through several venues, talked about how much to sell it for, publishing, and, perhaps the most intriguing, picking a name. That seems, to me, like it would be the hardest part!

This section answered a lot of questions for me. Questions like, where can I get help if I get stuck in the publishing process?? Because I can totally see that happening to me! Another question is how much certain services cost. All of that and more is broken down very clearly and concisely.

Perhaps most important is that you do not sell yourself short in any way. If you have put a lot of value into your eBook, then you should expect nothing less out of it. Of course, if you have not put your utmost effort into this eBook, then don't expect to get much out of it. It goes both ways. Think as though you were the buyer. What do you look for when you look for a book on this subject? How much are you willing to pay? What attracts you most to a certain book? How well is your book, especially the cover, laid out?

If you really take the time and energy to make your book the best possible, it will greatly benefit you when it goes on the market.

"It's possible for any author to make their book available with little or no upfront cost and reach a global audience."
Russ Grandinetti, Vice President of Kindle Content for Amazon

Next part of the eBook is about your marketing strategy. See you then!

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