Friday, July 29, 2011

My Proverbs Habit

I have been blessed and challenged in the last few years by reading through the book of Proverbs each month. I hear of many people that practice this, so most likely the idea is not foreign to you, either. Since Proverbs has 31 chapters, it is easy to read one chapter each day and finish the book in a month.

I enjoy taking it a step further, however, and noting a particular theme throughout the book as I go though it each month. I pick a certain theme each month, say, the tongue, and each time I come to a verse about our words, I write down my thoughts about the verse, and then copy the verse down. Its like making my own commentary on the book of Proverbs!

It is impossible to digest every verse from Proverbs in just one, superficial read-through, so by taking it one subject at a time, I can really focus on what the book has to say about that topic. One of the things you will realize the more you read through Proverbs, is how important wisdom is for the Christian. I believe there is no better way to get wisdom than to study the writings of the wisest human that ever lived!

Here is a sample of what one of my journal entries might look like (also happens to be one of my favorite verses in Proverbs):

When we talk continually, we make it easy for us to sin with our lips. We show more wisdom when we don't talk than when we do.
10:19 "In the multitude of words there wanteth not sin: but he that refraineth his lips is wise"
As you will notice, my personal thoughts on the verse are nothing profound. Sometimes I write more than that...specific instances, or things I especially want to work on. I'm not going to share those with you, though. :) Sometimes, the verse speaks volumes for itself, and I feel there is not much I can say.

Another variation, and something I did for the first year, was I just wrote down the references to the verses that matched the topic I was studying for the month. So at the end of the month, I had a list of all the verses that talked about our words. That created a handy guide for me as well. Either way is beneficial.

Here are some of the topics I have studied so far:

Strange Woman and Wise Woman
The Tongue
Frowardness (Do you know what that word means? I didn't. Thats why I wanted to study it.)
Direct Instruction to Children
Animals Mentioned

Perhaps you would like to join me during the month of August? I am planning on noting every time a part of our body is mentioned...other than the tongue, because that study stands alone. You don't have to study the same thing as me, but choose your own topic and we can read through Proverbs together! I guarantee your Christian Walk will be challenged and blessed.

Leave me a comment and let me know what topic you pick! Have you studied Proverbs before?


  1. What a great idea!! I'm excited about joining you. I have read through Proverbs before, but never studied it like you've suggested and can't wait to see what I'll discover along the way. I'm starting tomorrow, and after I read chapter 1 I'll let you know what theme I decide on :)

  2. Oh good, I'm excited to find out! Whatever it is, you will be challenged and blessed, I assure you!

  3. Hi again,

    This is embarrassing, but I've just now gotten on board...better late than never I suppose. Anyway, I chose my topic: life, and posted about it on my blog:

    I am SUPER excited about this and have already been blessed through the 2 chapters I read this morning. Thanks again for this idea!


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