Thursday, July 28, 2011

Our Family - Updated

A few months back, I babbled on and on about how I had a family of 9. Seven people, a cat and a dog. I told you all about how Sheba came into our family and what we all thought...and about Killer, the cat. She makes everything interesting.

Sad story is, I don't have any picture of my whole family that are more recent than the ones on that post. Nine people/pets is a lot to get behind a camera, ok? But here are a few recent ones you might enjoy.

{ Carrie with our friend, Jaimie. She is doing her internship at our church this summer. }

{ Some of the girls }

{ Sheba is definitely getting bigger, and Killer..... }

{ Well, Killer doesn't ever change! }

My post today, however is not to continue to babble on about how I have a family of nine. No, siree, my post is sort of an "update" to that babbling post. Because I am not going to have a family of 9 anymore. Our family is now going to be 10.

When I wrote that post back in February, I was pretty sure 9 would be the limit. I wasn't anticipating reaching double digits with the 'ol family count. But nonetheless, here I am. I'm going to let you guess what you think the next addition is going to be....

I think by now you might have guessed...its a baby!! That is right, my mom is pregnant!! Believe me, we were all just as surprised as you are now. It was not something I expected to hear as a 23-year-old. We are all getting very excited to meet our new little brother or sister. (Brother, brother, brother.......)

I'll be sure to keep you updated, and I'd appreciate you keeping my mom and the baby in your prayers!

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  1. This is SUCH exciting news!! I'm definitely praying for a safe pregnancy and healthy delivery :)

    btw...thanks so much for all the information you sent me, including the personal note. I'm using it as a bookmark and it reminds me to keep you and the organization in my prayers.


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