Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Our Family

Yesterday, my family went from a family of 8 to a family of 9!!!!!!

HOLD EVERYTHING! Wait, I only have a family of 7???

So I had a family of 7. Here we are, the way most of you know us:

Yes, there are 7. Phew, I was beginning to wonder if I could count that high.

Then we moved to Nova Scotia, and our family of 7 became a family of 8, by the addition of this face:

This is Killer. Her name used to be Snowy or something like that, but Killer fits better. She came with the house, but we are so glad. Because she lives up to her name, and kills everything. Mice, rats, rabbits, even mink. We are just waiting for her to drag home a deer or something.

She wasn’t too sure about us at first, but the kids spoil her, and now she loves us. Can’t you just tell by the look on her face??

Umm, wait, did I say the KIDS spoil her?


And then yesterday, our family grew once again. Enter Sheba:

Oh.my.cuteness. The Dog, that is.

She is Justin’s birthday present. His birthday was last week, and but my parents couldn’t find an actual puppy before his birthday. So he got this instead:

Which made it obvious what his real present was. Unless he’s really that hungry.

Yesterday the phone call came, and a lady in our church had seen this puppy and her sister online. Mom immediately made the phone call. She was part lab. She was only 10 weeks old. She was short-haired. And she was free. Win, win, win!

Justin immediately got busy training her. She’s doing remarkably well for only one day! And she is the most cuddly puppy we’ve ever seen. Oh, she has her playful, attack-your-toes moments, and her not so fun, piddle-on-the-floor moments, but she so far is a really good puppy. Here are some more pictures:

Welcome to the family, Sheba! From all of us...except Killer. :)

Yeah, still working on that...


  1. I loved the comment abot killer bringing home a deer and the pic of your dad with him was classic!

  2. Tracy is so jealous! Now she wants one of her own! We'll have to get a dog once we get to Brazil, but I have a feeling it won't be anywhere near as nice as Sheba.
    What's with your last sentence - Killer isn't welcoming her with open paws? Civil War? Sounds like a good post in the near future!

  3. Congratulations on the dog, the cat...

  4. Yes, Killer is welcoming her with open paws...and an open, hissing mouth, too. :) I think Killer would be fine with her if Sheba didn't want to play so much. :)

    Ben, in this case, its better to feed one cat than many mice (and rats) Besides, she just stays outside most of the time...very low maintenance. :)

  5. Mel loved he picture of your dad with the cat. Maybe I should add it to my funny pictures. :)


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