Thursday, March 3, 2011

More Organizing

I did a little more organizing this week. I had had my eye on this for a while...

...but it was more moola than I wanted to pay. I kept checking, and sure enough, the price went down! Happy dance!

I planned to use it to store my toothbrush and paste, combs and brush, makeup, hair clips, etc. But there is a lot more room in it! So (happily!) I get to organize more and put more in it!

I did some cleaning out and some moving around to try to find exactly what would work for me. One thing I’m not too sure about it my makeup. I usually stored it like this:

In the green pouch is my daily makeup, and in the blue pouch is more eye shadows and such. It worked well. But I thought I’d try it like this:

Very unorganized. But for some reason, I am liking it this way. It is easy to see and grab what I need. And let me tell you, when you are as blind as I am, knowing where everything is and being able to recognize it is important. So yes, it is very unorganized, but I think it may be what works best for me.

I also got these for my room...

You should feel very privileged to be able to see my garbage, let me tell you.

One is for regular trash, and one is for paper trash. Here in Canada we are required to separate our trash, but thats another post for another time. I was using these two wastebaskets:

But the yellow one was way to small, and the wicker one, no matter how cute it is, won’t go with my room when I redo it. I found the new silver ones at the dollar store for only $2 each. How can you beat that?

And yes, I know that silver doesn’t match with the purple and brown color scheme I told you I was going with. But you think you can find these types of things in brown?? Oh no. So I thought silver might bring a soft touch to the room, more so than white or black would. We’ll see!


  1. Very nice, I love organizing. With my makeup drawer I found a pencil organizer tray in the school section to put my mascara, eyeliner, and lipstuff (so they don't role around) As for the trash can you could always spraypaint it brown or purple. Most dollar stores carry small cans of basic colors so it wouldn't be too expensive to change the color.

  2. I hadn't even thought about spraypainting them! What a great idea! Thanks!


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