Friday, August 26, 2011

Floating Through the Canal (Oh, and Happy Birthday Angela!)

My friend Angela, whom I have known forever, also lives in Florida at the moment. A few weeks ago (ok, its been like a month) we got to celebrate her birthday by taking a boat ride through the canals! Here are some pictures:

First off, we have the adorable little girl that Angela baby-sits...

It is she who lives on the canal, and owns the boat. Ok, so her parents own the boat, same dif.

both wearing Maine T-shirts!

And we also saw lots, and lots, and LOTS of teeny-tiny, run-down, elcheapo boats out there on that canal. Oh yes we did.

My favorite one was the one named, "The Other Woman." So funny!

Oh, and you know those run down boats? They were docked right next to equally run-down houses. Clearly, the hurricanes around here really do a number on these houses.

But that is ok. The gorgeous sunset certainly made up for the lack of beautiful houses and expensive boats. It was a wonderful evening!

The ride was soooo relaxing. I think I just could have slept all night out there on the water! Definitely something I would love to do again!

After the ride was over (unfortunately, it started lightning) we want back to the house and ordered Sushi for supper. Thats right, SUSHI!! Can i just say, I love that stuff! I had only had it a couple times before, but these peeps rolled out the red carpet for Angela's birthday. It was a sushi feast! What a great ending to a great night!

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  1. That last picture of the canal is almost breath taking! I can only imagine what it was like for real :) Looks like you had a great time :)


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