Monday, August 29, 2011

Key Largo: Wild Bird Sanctuary

The day after my trip through the canal, Angela, Lydia and I took a day trip to the Florida Keys! It was a marvelous day, full of new things to see, and miles and miles of OCEAN! We took so many pictures, that I am going to break them up a bit for ya. As it is, it has taken me days to get this post up! (Anyone else having issues with blogger and pictures?)

So for starters, here are a zillion some pictures of our first stop. We walked though a Wild Bird Sanctuary on Key Largo. The man that runs it is a vet, and he rehabilitates hurt birds. Those that can not go back out in the wild, he keeps. It was a very neat set up, and very fun to see some neat birds! Where I grew up we didn't have birds like this!

Here are some of the different ones we saw:

There were a few different kinds of hawks:

And owls...I LOVE owls!

The cutest little lovebirds!

Doesn't he look like he just walked out of the Hundred Acre Woods?

Ok, these are screech owls. I had no idea they were so little! This will totally be my next pet.

I just wanted to take one home!

Then we have what I believe are Egrets:

This poor, poor duck had to have major surgury...he was missing part of both of his feet, and had one wing amputated. And can you see his beak? Most of it was gone as well. He seemed very healthy and happy now, though! He was asking for a hand-out!

Pelicans are quite common down here, especially at the beach. There were lots of them hanging around that weren't actually part of the Bird Sanctuary. Here are two that thought they owned the place:

They were very friendly, but wouldn't let me touch them. They liked to lead the way, and pretty much followed us around the whole time!

There were two men in this shed, and these guys look like they are waiting for something. :)

And last but not least...a talking parrot and a talking cockatoo!

As you can see, the parrot was a little on the snoozy side. The sign said he was old, but had a pretty large vocabulary. Unfortunately, he was too sleepy to talk to us that day. The cockatoo on the other hand....

....was anything but snoozy. He was such a showoff! The sign said that when he sees a big truck, he makes the noise of a back-up beeper! Unfortunately there were no big trucks in sight, so we "beeped" at him and he beeped back! Yes, we sounded retarded...but who cares?
He was so much fun! I wanted to take him home, too. :)

There you have the Wild Bird Sanctuary. Next time, I will have some South Florida scenery for ya!

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  1. Looks like a fun trip- and I totally agree with you- those screech owls are the CUTEST!! Can't wait to see more Florida photos :)


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