Thursday, October 20, 2011

Do You Have Bags?

I have a problem, and I'm wondering if you do, too. I want to know if you have bags. No, not under your eyes. And not the re-usable kind. (Although that is a good idea.) I mean the plastic kind with the little zipper-closey thing on top.

I never thought I'd be this type. You know, the re-use-plastic-bags-and-foil kind. But suddenly, I am seeing a remarkable resemblance between me and my Nana. AAAHHHHH!

But back to the problem. When I wash bags, they need a place to dry. Even if I towel dry them, they still need to air out. So my windowsill above my sink always looks like this:

...or worse. (BTW, that is a lemon from our tree at the mission. Isn't that cool?)

So heres my question...what do you do with your bags? (sounds slightly awkward, doesn't it?) Do you just pitch them? Or have you become your grandmother, too? And what do you do with them to dry them off?

I wonder if one of these would be a good solution...maybe on the side of a cupboard or something?

Weigh in with your ideas in the comments section! I'd love to come up with a better solution!


  1. Step one: wash and put them in the drainrack inside-out. (or stand them upside-down on the counter kinda like you're doing.
    Step two: wait for the inside that is now outside to dry.
    Step three: flip them back right-side out and wait for the outside to dry.

    Works like a charm in less than 24 hours. :)

  2. I am so glad you posted the second picture because it makes my explanation easy - that is what I use! For as long as I can remember, my mom had a towel rack like that but it always had bags on it, not towels! I finally got tired of the situation you have with bags stuck on top of everything, and I bought a towel rack for myself. I rinse and reuse all ziplocs except the ones which had raw chicken in them. I wash around 5 per day, and I use the rack to dry them quickly!

  3. Good thoughts, ladies, good thoughts. Holly, that would mean my drainrack would have to be empty, ahem... Andrea, I'm glad to know my "bright idea" works! :) It seems like it would be nice because you could keep it semi-flat, and then the bags aren't falling off the windowsill into my sink and getting wet again. ;)I don't reuse the ones with raw meat, either...I just feel funny about it!

  4. I'm just going to say ditto to what Andrea said except for the amount of baggies she goes through... wow! My mom and I both use those same towel bar thingys too!


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