Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Will Everyone That Wants A Free Handbag Please Stand Up??

I don't know about you, but I love me some free stuff. I even love stuff that I can get waaaaay discounted, although I like the "free" label even better. So when I see the opportunity to help a friend get free stuff, or even help myself get free stuff, I usually check it out.

My friend Bethany shared this opportunity, and now I have dutifully helped her out by signing up at But the love doesn't stop there. Now YOU have the opportunity to help me out!

If you click here and get an account at, you will get $10 credit. And if three of you sign up with my referral link, I get an extra $25 credit! And once you sign up, you can then refer others and then you can get the $25 as well! See, the love just keeps going!

So click here to sign up right this second, because this offer ends on October 31. Hurry, hurry! Don't just go to the website without using my referral links, because then you won't be helping me out.

Thanks, my lovely readers!

***Note: I did notice in the fine print that the $25 has to be used on an order of $50 or more. However, you should also have $10 from signing up under my link, which brings it up to $35 off, and then possibly you could find coupon codes online. So your handbag still should be cheap, cheap, cheap. 

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