Thursday, January 5, 2012

My 2012 Resolutions

Have you made any resolutions yet for 2012? (Totally just typed “2011”, whoopsadaisy) I have been mulling and praying over mine, and trying to think about where I would like to be this time next year. I know, its crazy to already be thinking about 2013, but I’ll never get anywhere in 2012 if I don’t!

It has been interesting to think over the resolutions I made last year and see how I did. Of course, when I made those resolutions, I had no idea that I would be spending 6 months in Florida or that we would add a new member to our family. But thats life. I have no idea what will happen during the course of this year, either. By 2013 who knows where I might be!

So keeping those things in mind, I did make a few new years resolutions (and some I am still thinking about). Here are some that might interest you:

 I have discovered in recent months how beautiful it is to  live a simple life. For instance, when I went to Florida, I did not take my entire wardrobe with me. And I found that I could live without all the clothes I left at home. So guess what? When I got home, all those extra clothes got taken out and donated to a local thrift store. And slowly, I’m purging out my winter wear, as well. If I haven’t worn it, I’m donating it, with no second thoughts. And it is so nice. I find myself looking around for more things to get rid of. So yes, I am still learning how to do it, but I am excited to see where I am at next December!

This may seem odd, because I absolutely LOVE to read, but lately I find that I am not making much time to just sit and read! I do read a lot of blogs, which I feel is just as beneficial as reading a good book, but I need to make more time to read the slew of books I’ve been wanting to read. So if I have to, I’m going to plan time to read each week, and (hopefully!) at least meet this goal each month.

I need to exercise more. Not to lose weight, but just to feel more physically fit and healthy. While I was in Florida I walked quite often, and I always felt better when I did. I want to make it more of a regular habit. It may be hard, especially since it is winter and its fa-reezing out, but I am certain I can do something. Jumping jacks? (Indoors) Run up and down the stairs? (Indoors) Walk in place? (Indoors) You can see where I am going with this. :) Point is, I’ll find something to do that can be labeled exercise. (Like drinking coffee. Thats exercising my mouth, right? What? That doesn’t count?)

Based on those goals (and what I need to get done to find myself in all the Christmas presents and decor) here is a peek at what some of my goals for this week have been:

Well on my way! What a nice feeling. :)

Have you set goals for 2012! I'd love for you to share them! You'd be surprised how much of a help it is to share your goals with someone else. Gives you more accountability! So share some of yours in the comments section, and have fun getting 'er done!

PS. You can get the 2012 Resolutions and Goals sheets here. But you already knew that. :)

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  1. Funny- I've had a note on my to-do list to blog about my New Years' Resolutions all week ;) Now I know I REALLY need to get around to it!

    It IS inspiring to share goals- once you actually verbalize them it feels very different then when they were just ideas floating around in your head.

    Thanks for sharing yours- and for inspiring me to get mine written down!

    PS- I'd LOVE to hear more about your book list! I am an avid reader, and always love to hear about what other people are reading/want to read.


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