Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Countdown to Easter: Our Resurrection Eggs

I thought I would show you how our family counts down the last 12 days to Easter:

We use Resurrection Eggs!

We were given these a couple of years ago, and appreciate the way they focus us on the real meaning of this holiday...not bunnies, chicks and candy, but the death, burial, and resurrection of Christ!

Each day we open an egg...

The cute little chicks don't come with the Resurrection Eggs, they were just something else given to us that we use to display the eggs.

There are also verses to read and a short summary of what it in that day's egg. (Note: thy do not use the Kings James Version, which we prefer, but you can easily read the verses yourself straight out of the Bible.)

Here is what we have opened so far:

A donkey - for Jesus triumphal entry into Jerusalem
3 Coins - representing the 30 pieces of silver that Judas betrayed the Lord for.
A silver cup - symbolic of the last supper
Praying hands - for Jesus night vigil in Gethsemane
A leather cord - representing the cat 'o' nine tails with which Jesus was scourged.

It is fun to watch our "scene" grow with new additions each day!

We also love that these are not called "Easter Eggs," but "Resurrection Eggs."

We don't celebrate Easter - we celebrate the resurrection.  Easter as a holiday has been way to commercialized. The focus isn't on Christ anymore, its on us. In this small way, we can keep our thoughts focused on what Christ did for us!

I'd love to hear how other families with littles (or without!) celebrate the resurrection! Are you looking forward to Sunday for what it truly means?

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