Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Visit Nova Scotia: Forgotten Memories Antiques and Collectables

With all of the house guests we've had over the last little bit, it got me to thinking that while we'd love for each and every one of you to come visit us here in Canada, a lot of you probably won't ever come to our beautiful part of Nova Scotia. That doesn't have to mean you can't see some of the local sights, however! I'm hoping to bring some of our great places to you with a virtual tour of a few of my favorite places. Here is the first!

We have several antique and gift shops within a few kilometers of our house, but this one is one of my favorites. Located in Brighton, this cute, colorful antique store is packed full of character!

This cheerful front door awaits...

Even before you get inside there are so many personal touches that show that the owner has spent a lot of time making this a fun, comfortable place to be. The paintings on the building are so cheery, and how cute are these ladybugs?

The inside has a large lower level and two upstairs lofts. Everything is nicely arranged and easy to look at without being too overly crowded. One upstairs loft is arranged like a sitting room or parlour, with lots of vintage items.

This radio (I forget if he said it was a rebuilt original or just made to look vintage) is playing a local station all day long. Neat touch!

One thing that always catches my eye is this display of Depression glass. Given its name because it was made during the Depression, (didn't see that one coming, did you?) they really stand out because of the bright colors. These would be so cute in random places throughout a home.

This one is my favorite...and at only $12, it has almost gone home with me on more than one occasion! It would make a beautiful little catch-all on a bathroom vanity, or as a spoon rest when serving coffee or tea. Actually it would be beautiful just about anywhere!

Depression glass dish, $12

You all know how much I love globes...this one had me at hello... I love the more subtle colors and the details included on the base.

Vintage globe, $75
I didn't get the price of the train, but how much more exciting is this one compared to the toy trains in stores today? Not even a comparison. The box in front was a (really expensive) vintage glove box.

This was a really fascinating piece. The squirrel on top is cracking a nut, and the bowl part seemed like it could hold quite a bit. I'm not too sure what it was originally used for, but my aunt and I decided it was probably to hold nuts. It could easily hold fruit or something like that, too. I can see it sitting next to an open fireplace, full of nuts, so the family can sit by the fire at night and eat nuts and talk. I read to many Little House on the Prairie books, clearly.

Squirrel nut bowl, $575
Once we saw the price, our suspicions were confirmed that it was solid silver. It was heavy and looked like silver, anyway!

This mirror always catches my eye...

Ornate mirror, $55

It is not a heavy piece, just a lightweight plastic-like frame, but it looks so ornate and would be devine painted a fun color and distressed slightly. I can see it in a dining room.

This weathervane has a very "Nova Scotia" feel to it. Not sure of the price, but it would be a fun piece to have, whether you used it as a weathervane or not!

There are lots and lots of old records, which are kinda neat to look through.

This gumball machine was really neat looking. Not sure if it is truly a vintage piece or not, since the price on it for the gumballs said 25 cents. Guess it could be original, but has been used more recently!

Gumball machine, $60
This tea set was just gorgeous, and so sophisticated-looking! With a set like this, I'd drink tea every day!

Tea set, $125
There are several sets of shelves like this holding lots of antique toys. I absolutely love vintage toys, and plan on decorating my kids room like this some day! I just think some of them are so charming!

You know I couldn't leave without a few more pictures of some colored dishes! There were so many pieces that caught my eye, but this pedestal dish was picture-worthy.

Pedestal dish, $40
The tag read "as is" but I'm not sure what was wrong with it. Pretty sure it would be a great piece to have regardless!

This huge vase would make a great addition to a beach-themed room.

Huge blue vase, $55
It was hard to capture with the window right behind it, but it was huge and beautiful! $55 is not a bad price, either!

There was some lovely furniture, too, with lovely dishes on it. Haha. This blue hutch caught my eye. Whoever refinished this has good taste! This would make a lovely accent piece!

There were some neat dishes on it, so you know I couldn't resist a couple pictures. This bowl makes me think of lettuce and pie crust all at the same time, which is a pretty good indication it belongs in a kitchen. Makes me hungry just looking at it!

These milk glass cream and sugar bowls were cute too. Love the star-shaped rims! And come to think of it, how cute is that little ink well sitting there, too?

My Grammie was ready to take this dresser home with her, had it fit in the trunk of their small car. I guess the ferry people would have been suspicious if she had tried to carry it on the ferry with her, lol! It is a neat piece with some amazing detail! I wish I knew the history behind it!

I didn't get a price, but these small kerosene lanterns were the cutest thing ever. The size is hard to read in pictures, but you can see the normal-sized lanterns in the back. Not sure if these would really work, but it would be fun to use them in place of traditional candles in a table setting!

Here is another blue vase...this is the last one, I promise! It was high on a shelf so I didn't get the price, but the turquoise-y color would be great as a not-so-subtle pop of color in a room. Maybe paired with some clear glass vases?

Well that wraps up this virtual tour! Hopefully these items have whet your appetite for more! If you are ever in the area (or if you are a local peep) I hope you'll check out Forgotten Memories, located on Highway 101 in Brighton, Nova Scotia. You can check out their facebook page here and stay up to date with new items coming in to the store.

***Note: I wasn't perked or paid to give this virtual shout out. In fact, the owner doesn't even know who I am (although he probably is wondering who the nutcase was running around taking pictures of his stuff). I just shared some things I enjoy in hopes that you do, too!


  1. Thank-you Nicole, you did a wonderful job for all of us Shops that run along the 101 Hwy, what a sweetheart you are, I shared your work on my Facebook Page. Are you the Pastors daughter from Plympton, I hope so that way I can say I have met you and your awesome family. Thanks again so very very much!

    1. Yes, it is me, the Pastor's daughter from Plympton! I had a blast doing these shops, and hope to do it again next summer. Several people have expressed interest in coming down here to visit these shops, so hopefully it will help drum up a little bit more business for you all! =)

  2. You are quite something, it brought me to tears when I saw this, acts of kindness in this world are not always easily seen but you did something very special, and I can't thank you enough. I really appreciate what you did. Forgotten Memories Antiques thinks your out of this world!


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