Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Top Ten Tuesday: Handy Tools I use (almost) Daily

Part of my goals for 2012 included simplifying my life and living a more minimalistic lifestyle. I love the simplicity of living with less and not feeling that I need to have all the latest and greatest things. There are a few things that, for this time of my life, I can’t live without. Well, I could...if I had to...but they do make life a whole lot easier without cluttering it up. Some of these things do simplify my life!
Here is my list of handy tools I have:

1. Hair straightener

2. Iron

3. Computer

4. CD player

5. Sewing machine

6. Serger

7. Bed lamp

8. Aim-n-flame (weird, I know, but a lit candle is so terribly relaxing!)

9. Camera

10. Sharpie markers - because I get so frustrated with pens that won’t write!

What must-haves would be on your list?

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