Friday, October 26, 2012

Frugal Photo Friday: Floral

I'm joining in the fun over at Money Saving Mom and Simply Rebekah! Every Friday during October these gals are sharing pictures of ways they save money in certain areas. So far the topics have been Bath and Beauty and Food and Fun, and Home and Decor. Today, we get to choose our own topic!

Here is my frugal picture:

I'm not really sure how to label this frugal tip. Floral? They aren't flowers. Greenery? Nope, they aren't green, either. Weeds? That's closer! :)

Anyway, I couldn't decide on what frugal photo to share with you, so I chose a frugal decision I made this week: use what ya got. In this case, I brought a little fall color into my room with these beautiful, but admittedly, weeds.

I have not idea what they are, but they are growing wild in our field in all kinds of shades of red and orange. So pretty! I just clipped a few and stuck them in these vases. They add the perfect pop of autumn! I especially love them next to these nice textured balls that look more seasonal next to the red and orange:

So this project, again, equals $0. Love it that way! But the punch is huge, just like most other projects I do in here, I smile every time I look at it! What a cheery way to wake up every morning!

What about you? Are you OK with using "wildflowers" (or "wildweeds") in your home, or do you prefer to buy hothouse flowers?

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