Thursday, October 25, 2012

New Printables! 2013 Calendars

My goals for this month included working on some new printables, which I am excited to share with you today!

It is funny to me how these printables evolve over time. What was cool to me last year at this time seemed out-dated this year. For instance, here is a picture of my calendar from last year...

Meh. Not bad, but I'm finding that I'm digging a little more white openness and less gotta-fill-every-inch-with-color-ness. Here is what I've come up with for 2013:

I certainly like it better. and I hope you do too, because this baby is available for purchase in my shop! Buh-bye, 2012 printables, hello 2013!

I combined Saturdays and Sundays onto one space to leave room for a "notes" section to the side. I am loving the wide open spaces for each day, and the minimalistic look to it all! I also took the ol' ink usage into consideration...I couldn't leave the colors off completely because I love lots of color, but there are only small chunks of color, and this could easily be printed in grayscale if that is more your jam.

But that is not all. I've been really pondering how to better organize my blog planning, and I've been working on several printables to help me plan and be better prepared during 2013. For starters, I turned the 2013 calendar in a blog-specific calendar....

The top right-hand corner includes a little space to list monthly blogging goals (something I have not done in the past, but would like to start doing in 2013!).  Any empty squares hold a place for stats...not because I'm tied to my stats counter, but I do like to keep an idea of whats going on, what works well for my readers, etc. I think the "notes" section is going to be my favorite...that is one thing I have found myself needed in my blog planning these last few months!

I'm working on some other blog-related printables, too, that aren't yet available in my shop. Here is a sneak preview:

I have a few others to finish, and then I will offer them all as a package for you other bloggers out there! (Unless you are itching to get started with your blog planning...I'd be happy to list these for you now if you let me know!) I'll be sure to keep you updated! For now both of the calendars are available in my shop so you can begin planning ahead into 2013. And really, where else can you get a yearly calendar for $4?? I digress. I'll also add these to the (sadly disorganized) Printables tab above so you can find them later if need be.

These calendars and other printables are a huge help to me in keeping this organized and allowing me to set goals and plan ahead. But I want them to be a help to you as well! If you have any ideas for printables that will meet your needs in 2013, leave me a comment or jot me a note! I love to make customized things, just like I did with these Thanksgiving printables. Any way I can be a help!

Are you planning into 2013 yet? How do you stay organized and keep motivated? For you fellow bloggers, how do you do with planning your blogging stuff? I'm looking forward to doing better this year!

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