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September Hot Happenings

It is that time again...time to look over the last month, share some goal updates, recap what happened in blog land, and share way too many pictures of Judah. Ah, the month that was September!

Let's get the "too many pictures of Judah" over with first, shall we? Look at those eyes..they slay me! And he knows it!

We were trying to get a picture of his teeth. (He has 4 now) He was very obliging...the teeth? Not so much.

Justin survived life with two older sisters...will Judah survive with 4?? That remains to be seen!

I tried to have a little photo shoot with this rambunctious boy! Now that he is crawling everywhere, he doesn't like to be still for very long.

He could hear Justin around the corner of the house and refused to pay attention to me!

So finally, I called Justin to help me snap some better pictures.

It worked! He still didn't want to look at me, but they turned out pretty stinkin' cute anyway.

This sly little look says, "If they only knew what I got into this morning!"

Finger-in-mouth is pretty typical these days...still trying out those new teeth!

"Don't worry guys, I got this thing under control."

In other family news (yes, I have more family besides Judah!) I am so thankful for our health. This month was a doozy when it came to weird medical issues! It started at the end of August with sores in Carries mouth. She went to the dentist and found out she had two cavities, an abscess and a BAD infection. She went on meds to bring the infection down, but had a severe reaction and broke out in itchy hives all over her body! Poor girl was miserable! They ended up taking out two teeth, which made the infection go away, and after a couple of weeks she was back to normal. Huge sigh of relief!

Then a couple of weeks ago Justin got a teeny cut on one finger. To make a long story short, it got some type of infection in it and swelled to 3 times its normal size. After spending 6 hours in Outpatients, the doctor couldn't figure out what was causing it. So he gave him meds for skin infection, and thankfully the finger is almost back to normal.

AND THEN...a few nights ago, Judah, who is pulling himself up on everything, fell backwards and whacked his head, and knocked himself out! He stopped breathing for just a second, and then was still lethargic. They took him to the hospital where they quickly checked him out, determining that he had given himself a minor concussion, but that he was back to normal with no ill effects.

Phew! Just typing all of that sounds stressful. But I am so thankful that none of these things were major or life-threatening, and that the doctors here were able to help out. We are not used to running to the hospital for things like this...normally we would see our family doctor and go the natural-remedy route, but in our area nothing like that is available. I am thankful that we have alternatives to fall back on when the need arises!

The Embrace Of Grace ranks right up there as “best read in 2012.” And 2010, because I read it then too, haha. Seriously, I don’t even know how to describe to you the depth of wisdom, encouragement, and truth that Caleb Thompson details in this book. Written from personal trials and pain (he is currently serving a 14 year sentence for something he did not do) he knows the truths of which he speaks! Each chapter left me so encouraged and awed by the holiness and majesty of God. If you have ever been through a life-altering trial, this book is just what you need. If you never have, will! So read this book ahead of time!

It is hard to pick just one quote, but here is perhaps my favorite during this reading. It is long, I know, but worth the read.

“Without the choice mercy of affliction, without the grace of a thorn that Father gives, we would miss many of the blessings of scripture. (See what I mean? He calls affliction mercy, and thorns grace. And he’s right! He shows these truths throughout the book. But on with the quote…) We could not have a personal acquaintance with many of the promises if we never faced the circumstances for which the promise was given. Pleasure fails to interpret the scriptures to our souls, and we cannot understand their comfort until affliction expounds upon it. We fail to prize God’s Word and hardly know it until trials press upon us. How would we know “the Lord is my Refuge” if a storm never threatened our vessels? How would we recognize the Lord as our “Strong Tower” without being assaulted by the enemy? How would we know him as our “Refiner” if we hadn’t been through the fires? How would we know him as the “Potter” if we had never been pressed out of measure? How would we know him as our “Comforter” if we never felt sorrow? How would we know him as the “Great Physician” if we didn’t experience pain? How would we know him as our “Guide’ if we understood all things without perplexity? How would we know him to be our “Strength” if we were never weak? How would we know him as “the Lifter up of mind head” if we were never cast down? How would we know him as “Our Father” if we never felt his chastening rod?”

If you, or anyone you know, has been through deep waters, I challenge you to get and read this book. It would make a great gift! I believe that the proceeds of the book go to help support Caleb’s wife. Another great reason to buy the book!

Have I made myself clear? BUY. THE. BOOK. :)

My other September read was Mansfield Park by Jane Austen. It is not one of the most captivating Austen novels, but it is still pretty good. I just find some parts of it drag out, and I have a hard time focusing on certain sections. But overall, I love Austen’s work, so it is still pretty good! I love this part…

“Poor Rushworth and his two and forty speeches!” continued Crawford. “Nobody can ever forget them. Poor fellow! - I see him now; - his toil and his despair. Well, I am much mistaken if his lovely Maria will ever want him to make two and forty speeches to her.” And then changing his tone again to one of gentle gallantry, and addressing Fanny, he said, “You were Mr. Rushworth’s best friend. Your kindness and patience can never be forgotten, your indefatigable patience in trying to make it possible for him to learn his part -- in trying to give him a brain which nature had denied -- to mix up an understanding for him out of the superfluity of your own! He might not have sense enough himself to estimate your kindness, but I may venture to say that it had honour form all the rest of the party.”

I just might have to use that line some day. :)

At mealtime we are almost finished with Little Town on the Prairie by Laura Ingalls Wilder. This just might be my favourite book in the series! (Oh wait, I might have said that about the last one too...anyway, I really like this one!) We’re thrilled that Almanzo is appearing more and more throughout this book...we really like Almanzo around here. :)

Here are the goals I set last month:

1. Compile eBook - decided that isn’t going to happen right now. Maybe in the future!

2. List several items on Kijiji - did some, but still have more!

3. Make 6 bags - made more than 6!

4. Write one letter/email per week - I actually think I was consistent with this all month! Woo hoo!

5. Read the Embrace of Grace

6. Read Mansfield Park

7. Complete 1 Pinterest Project

8. Complete 1 DIY project - I spent 4 hours one day on my hands and knees scrubbing our kitchen floor with dish detergent. And I’m counting that as DIY. Because I can. :)

9. Deep clean bedroom - started this, planning to finish this month as well as other fall cleaning

10. Straighten up garage - didn’t get to this

This month’s goals are:

1. Work on Printables for 2013

2. List several more items on Kijiji

3. Make 8 bags

4. Write one letter/email per week

5. Read Every Living Thing by James Herriot

6. Read Shiloh Autumn - I picked up this book by Brock and Bodie Thoene at a local thrift store. I’ve already read this one before, but I am so pumped to actually own a book by the Thoenes! Hoping to add to this collection in the future!

7. Complete 1 pinterest project

8. Complete 1 DIY project

9. Complete Fall cleaning

10. Celebrate Canadian Thanksgiving next week!

Here is a roundup of some things that happened right here on the blog during September:

We stopped at some more places on our virtual Nova Scotia tour: The island of Lockeport, an antique shop called Grandma's Collectibles, and a dear little shop called Bay Winds.

New printables were added to the blog! These Christmas ones and these Thanksgiving and Fall ones.

I held a mink. Scratch that off my bucket list, said no one ever.

These cookies were made and eaten. In rapid succession.

I made this bag and LOVE it! (still do, btw!)

My Pinterest Project was sugar scrub...with surprising ingredients!

I am so thankful for my Godly heritage. And fabric.

That about wraps up life during September? What was the month like for you? Any major catastrophes? Natural disasters? Exciting things in blog land?

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