Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Top Ten Tuesday: Fall Foods

After enjoying 3 Thanksgiving dinners last week (wow, I'm a pig!) I have a decided opinion about what my favourite foods are at this time of year! Some things seems decidedly "Thanksgiving-ish" while some just seem to fit the weather and mood of fall. Here are 10 of my favourite fall foods:

1. Sweet potato casserole (I'll take this any day of the year, but it seems like I only get it at Thanksgiving. Thankfully a sweet lady in the church knows how much I love it and sent me home with the leftovers. Yum!)

2. Turkey - duh

3. Cranberry sauce

4. Cherry pie

5. Pumpkin pie

6. Squash

7. Pretty much anything pumpkin

8. Hot apple cider (oh wait, this was supposed to be a food list)

9. Apple pie or crisp

10. Sweet potato casserole...in case you missed that. :)

What are your favourite fall foods?

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