Monday, November 12, 2012

Christmas Hospitality Guides from Heavenly Homemakers

I’ve mentioned before the fantastic blog Heavenly Homemakers: Making our homes heavenly while striving towards our heavenly home. In fact, I pretty much recommend this blog to anyone every chance I get! I appreciate the stand they take for Christ, their focus of their blog (and life!) to be looking towards our heavenly home, and the practical wisdom that can be gained in the area of a whole foods diet. I have learned so much from them!

A few weeks ago I shared an eBook package that was on sale for a steal of a deal, and today I’m back with another: Heavenly Homemakers Guide to Holiday Hospitality and Heavenly Homemakers Guide to Holiday Hospitality for Kids. Appropriate for right now, no?

I own each of these eBooks and know personally that they are filled with tons of great ideas! Here is a peek inside…

Heavenly Homemakers Guide to Holiday Hospitality includes:
    Scheduling ideas for November and December
    Menu ideas and planning guides for Thanksgiving and Christmas
    New Year’s party ideas
    Printable pages with seasonal goodies
    Loads of recipes
    Encouragement to maintain a proper focus during this busy season!

I mean, hello, tell me this doesn’t inspire you to get organized:

Heavenly Homemakers Guide to Holiday Hospitality for Kids includes:
    Kid-friendly recipes
    Crafts, games, and activities with printables
    Suggestions for serving others and being a blessing by giving during the holiday season.

Melting snowflakes, anyone???

Until Friday, you can get both of these books (77 pages of inspiration) for only $4. Or if you’d only like one, you can get either one singly for $3. This is a fantastic opportunity to get some great material into your hands on the cheap!

I took advantage of a similar sale last year and actually gifted these eBooks. How do you gift an eBook, you ask? I just printed off the cover of both books, put them in a folder, and wrapped them under the tree. Then I sent along the files via email after the recipient opened her “gift.” It was a fantastic, meaningful gift for someone I knew could benefit from these books!

This sale ends Friday, November 16. Head over and purchase your own copy today! Here’s to an organized, meaningful Christmas!

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