Friday, February 8, 2013

A {Cold} Birthday Photoshoot!

Every year, the kids get new photos taken for their birthday. It is so fun to go back and see how they have grown year after year! This year we did two things similar to last years photos...

1. I took them myself
2. We procrastinated waited until long after their birthdays were past to get it done.{wink}

It ended up being a sunny, fresh-snow-on-the-ground, but freezing cold day...which made for some beautiful backdrops! I did both Rachel's and Carries all in one quick half hour, so we didn't have to stay out in the cold for too long. And as I've said before, I'm no professional, but I do enjoy taking their pictures and experimenting with it a little bit!

Rachel turned 13 last November. Here are last year's pictures so you can compare with these!

See that frozen whiteness behind her? That is a waterfall near our house. Yup, it was frozen over! So pretty!
You can still see the effects of the pox on her face :(

Carrie turned 9 last October. Last year's pictures were taken indoors, and she really wanted to have hers done outside this year!

I really kicked myself once we got inside, unfogged my glasses, and I took a good look at these. The focus is not exactly right...nor the composition. The snow was glaring so bad I could hardly see the screen on my camera, so I definitely would have centered her a bit more and done better had I known. So there is my disclaimer for these less-than-stellar shots. =)

My favourite one of her!

They wanted some fun ones together, too!

She had been talking all morning about how she wanted to take this funny shot!

After taking these and lots more at the waterfall, I moved to the abandoned house behind ours and used the old barn doors as a backdrop. I thought it would tie in great with Rachel's "western" theme she had going on. These turned out to be my favourites!!

It was a fun {cold} half an hour with two funny girls!

Anyone else doing any unprofessional winter photo shoots?


  1. These look so good! Kenny and i can't believe how fast they are growing into beautiful young ladies. Rachel would probably kill me for saying this but the pic of her with her hands on her hips reminds me of stephanie and Carrie is starting to look a lot like you, Nicole :) Happy late birthday to them both.

    1. Yes, Rachel has always resembled Stephanie the most. Poor Carrie if she looks like me! {wink!}

  2. I really like the bag with the purple flowers! Grammie


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