Thursday, February 7, 2013

Shop Update: Floral Fusions Tote!

I’m so excited to share another new item in my Etsy shop, So Sew Organized!!!

This purple floral fabric is a new first for me in that it is the first one-way fabric I have used in a tote. Normally the fabrics I choose are fun and patterned, but not specifically directional. This fabric was my Grammie’s great idea {you saw it once here when I purchased it} and I just love the end result! The pretty purple flowers are thick and bold on the bottom, and then taper away to a lighter look towards the top.

The pop of light, light teal ties everything together perfectly!

The deets:

I use a serger to finish the inside, leaving lots of space for your treasures.

This medium size tote is most popular as a Bible bag. Here is an example of how a Bible, notebook and pen will fit in there all handy-like:

The pocket is divided with a handy pen slot. I carry a tote this size all.the.time. as it is perfect for everything!

These lovelies, as well as other designs, can be found in my Etsy shop, So Sew Organized! {I just love saying the new name!!}

Do you carry a bag or tote on a regular basis? What method works for you?

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