Friday, June 14, 2013

Oregon Shopping - Fun Finds!

I had the opportunity to see several different shopping places while I was in Oregon...I even had my first experience with Costco! I snapped a few pictures to share some of window-shopping with you all. We went to some fun places...wish I could have just taken you all with me!

One day we stopped at this beautiful outlet mall. There were so many nice stores, and this beautiful center court:

While there I went to my first ever Apple store, a few clothing stores, and Z Gallerie. Oh my. I'm moving into Z Gallerie. Uh-mazing. I could have snapped pictures of everything in the entire store, but I refrained and just captured these colours that I love:

I also couldn't resist sharing this one-of-a-kind piece. It is a Seqoia-inspired console table, and while I'm not sure I'd like to own it, I thought the unique-ness of it made it a neat piece!

One place I have to share with you is this absolutely amazing Antique Mall. With 2 stories packed full of vintage, re-claimed or re-purposed items, it was right up my alley! We spent at least an hour in here and didn't even come close to seeing everything.

Here are a few pictures of the things that caught my eye. Some things need no explanation, like this Pepsi crate...
...a fun phone...
...this ship's wheel...
...and a cute winking teacup. How would you like to drink your morning brew in this cute guy?

I love perusing places like this to get inspiration for my own DIY's or decor. Here was a cute idea, an apothecary jar full of corks. I like the texture of the cork showing through!

This sign almost came home with us, until we discovered the lettering was only stickers {and not stuck on very well, I might add.} So easy to do yourself!

While this lampshade may have been vintage, the base was is a big thermos!

Blast you, suitcase weight limit...some of these certainly could have found their way home with me:

This was called a "metal bowl," but I'm not too sure what it would be used for besides wall decor. I loved the finish and the funky geometric pattern!

These spices and flavorings caught my eye...namely the one that says "Imitation Pineapple." I'd never heard of such a thing!

Honestly, I wouldn't use this floor lamp in any space of my own. But if you are looking for a bright, colorful addition to your decor, this is your piece! It is so....bright!

We loved this. It holds a couple of pillar candles, but the delicate look to the leaves was what grabbed my eye. Don't be deceived...this baby was heavy. It wasn't nearly as delicate as it looked!

Random fact: my mom has {and still uses} this exact canister set. Go figure.

Of course, there was plenty of colored dishes for my colorful-dish-loving self...

As well as a whole display of fiesta ware. This was only one side...there was tons and tons of it. And I wanted one of everything in every color. Mainly because I just loved how all the colors looked on display!

We finished out our visit by trying on some quirky vintage hats. Although our Grammie used to have and wear some of these, so I'll be careful how I use the word "vintage." =)

That is just a taste of our fun Oregon shopping experience. What items catch your eye? Can you think of some fun ways these items could be re-purposed or DIYed? I'm all ears!


  1. I love all the pictures. The antique mall picts are so fun colored and pretty. =D Looks like you had a lot of fun out there.


    1. I did have fun Ashley...thanks! =) Glad you enjoyed the pictures!

  2. Awesome!! I LOVE antique malls :-) though I rarely get the pleasure here in Shelby :-) So glad you've had such a fun trip!

    1. Come to Nova Scotia and I'll take you to some great antique shops! =) I'd never been in such a big antique much to see!

  3. Oh I have been to Oregon once and we are visiting again in July. Thank you for taking me shopping with you! (At least it feels like it!) Love the mason jars and antiques!

    1. Thanks for coming along "with" me! :) Have a great time in Oregon!


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