Thursday, July 11, 2013

July 1st...and 4th!

When we moved to Canada, it was very easy to forget that we were now in a "foreign country..." not the grand 'ol US of A any more. Living in this province is so very much like living in Maine that it is easy to forget it is not the same place!

Sometimes, however, there is a certain aspect of this country that brings us back to the reality that this is Canada. One of those times is the first week of July.

Really, it doesn't seem like there should be too much difference. Canada celebrates a national holiday on July 1st, which is very similar to our Independence Day in the states. There are parades, fireworks, and lots of fun cookouts and fun community events. It really feels like the 4th of July!

So what is it that we miss, then, about the USA at this time?

The flag.
The salute.
The national anthem.

These things are missing from the festivites...and it makes it feel a little "off." So while we have fun celebrating anyway, we do still have a soft spot in our hearts for the USA. I guess that is to be expected!

Well this year, Canada did a good job, because we got to celebrate on both days...thanks to a little spat in the weather!

July 1st was on a Monday..and we had big plans. Every year we put a float in our local parade to promote Vacation Bible School. Our theme this year is "The Great Flood." We had a big ark planned as a float, with lots of "animals" {disguised as little children} in it. We had 1,500 invitations printed, tracts stapled to each one...we were ready!

So was the flood. How appropriate.

While I doubt the real animals in the real ark were carrying umbrellas, our float was very well received. Partly because of the irony in the situation. :) Partly because we were willing to be out there walking the streets in the pouring rain, giving out Gospel tracts and invites to VBS. And candy. The candy probably helped.

We have found that entering the parade is a very effective way to not only get the word out about our VBS, but to get Gospel literature into people's hands. All told we had 3 people refuse it...and they were all teenagers. For the most part, young and old alike were willing to take our literature, way more than you would reach by standing in the street with tracts.

But back to the float...this ark didn't fare the flood very well, it started filling up with water! The kids were using their umbrellas to try and scoop it out, haha! We were all soaked to the skin by the time it was all over, but we had a grand time!

{We did have a lot of invites left over, so we are actually going to be in another parade this weekend to finish them off! Hopefully the weather cooperates a little better!}

The remainder of the day managed to clear off enough for us to enjoy some truck pulls and ox pulls. Although I'll be honest - watching truck pulls is about as exciting as watching paint dry. The ox pulls are my favourite. :)

Fireworks were scheduled for that night...but because of the weather and increasing fog, they were postponed.

And this is where the Canadians got Americanized.

They scheduled the fireworks for the 4th!!

Picture swiped from a friends FB page...because this bad blogger didn't take her camera!

It was fun for us to celebrate both days. While we would have enjoyed the fireworks any night they had them, it was neat to feel like we were celebrating both days. Hey, nothing wrong with two holidays in one week, is there? =)

We were a bit concerned about Judah...this was his first experience with fireworks. But he liked them! He just looked a little shocked through the whole thing, but didn't cry. We had warned him they would go "bang, bang!" so now he likes to repeat that. :) After it was all over, he said he wanted I guess that is a good sign!

All in all, it was a memorable week, and certainly a memorable float! We're praying that others will find it memorable too, and want to know more by coming out to VBS. Will you pray with us for fruit from our efforts?

How was your holiday week? Which day did you celebrate?

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