Saturday, October 12, 2013

So Sew! Day 12: Helpful Links {fabric-related!}

Welcome to day 12 of our 31 Days sewing series! Here are some resources for purchasing fabric online.

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I'm excited to share this round-up of links with you, since they are all fabric related! This week we've talked about purchasing fabric, prep work for sewing, and even how to make a seam - and rip it out. All of that takes fabric, so today I'm sharing some online resources on where to buy it.

Please be aware that I have not necessarily purchased fabric from all of these places. These are just the ones that catch my eye, and ones that I follow via social media to keep up with current trends and sales.

Busy Quilting has lots of fun things to choose from! They have some sections of the shop designated to quilters, and always have lots of pieces marked on sale.

Riley Blake Designs has lots of goodies on their website and blog, besides a gorgeous selection of fabric. You can buy lots of notions and embellishments form them as well!

Fabric 2 Fabric is a shop I recently discovered, but I'm sure you'll love their selection as well! They have several fat quarters or block sets to make things a bit easier.

Skye Reve fabrics is a lovely shop with loads of options. I love browsing through their pretty collections from time to time. What is it about fabric arranged all pretty that makes me want to purchase it even more?

Those are some of my favourites, but why only take my word for it? Christina at The Humble Nest has put together a list of 35 other great sites, so if you are looking for even more options check there!

Do you know of any other great fabric sites? Do share!

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