Thursday, November 21, 2013

Post-Autumn sale: 50% off!

Autumn is winding to a close - some areas already have snow! We've seen flurries, but nothing significant yet, thank goodness. So for a limited time, I'm marking down the Autumn-inspired zippered pouches in my shop. No coupon is needed, I've simply lowered the price 50%!!

Falling Leaves

Stitcher's Block


Now would be a great time to stock up on a few of these - either for yourself, or to give as gifts! I guarantee that if you have a few laying around, you will find uses for them on a regular basis. =)

These pouches have so many uses. I've used mine to organize the tote I carry every day. It is handy for things like business cards, makeup, or other little things that get lost in the bottom of my bag otherwise! And I don't even carry a large bag!

How fun would it be to fill one up - say as a sewing kit as seen above - and give it as a gift?

I'm kind of in love with these, and the whole concept of using pouches like this to organize my totes and purses. I look forward to adding more styles to my shop in the future!

Grab yours today while the price is low! And leave me a comment - how would you use these pouches?

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