Monday, May 26, 2014

Hello Memorial Day, Hello Monday!

It is Monday, time to say hello to a new week! I hope you all are having a great holiday weekend and are saying hello to lots of great, meaningful things this week.

If you are new to Hello Mondays, I join up each week with the community at Lisa Leonard Designs to say hello to a new week and new opportunities. Exciting things are always happening, and I love embracing it all with a "hello!" Share your hellos below!

Hello Monday!

Hello to a new-to-me phone.

Hello to not having to pay for it. :) Thanking the Lord for the little/big things!

Hello to an awards ceremony for a cousin.

Hello to beautiful blooms. So glad its spring!

Hello to lots of sewing projects for friends.

Hello to a new shop item...being listed this week! Stay tuned!

Hello to Memorial Day and remembering those that sacrificed for us.

Hello to remembering my Pepe and his part of that sacrifice!

Hello to dogsitting.

Hello to lots of rain and sneaking in a few snatches of sunshine!

Hello to a long weekend.

Hello to you blog readers! What are you saying hello to today?

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