Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Top Ten Tuesday - Favorite pictures

For todays Top Ten I thought I would share with you 10 of my favorite pictures of my friends and I during our college days. It was SOOOO hard to pick 10 that I may just have to do this again in the future. :) But here are the 10 that I suppose I could call my “favorites.”

These are two of my closest friends, Holly and Christy. This was freshman year, when actually, the three of us weren’t that close. Betcha wouldn’t have guessed that from this picture, huh? We were goofing around in the commons one night, and this was the result. And its been nice knowing you all, because they are going to kill me for posting this one. :)

This picture was taken the same evening as the last one. We were being so mature, can’t you tell? This is Ben and Jenney. Ok, so his first name is Stephen and his last name is Jenney, but we always called him Jenney. I’m really not sure why. All I can say to explain this picture is....this is Ben and Jenney. That tells it all!

Here is Holly and I again. I am really not sure when this was taken but I think Sophomore year. I think this is a great picture of us!

Here is a group of us Sophomore year. We had this yearly tradition to go hiking at South Mountain towards the beginning of the school year, before we got too busy with classes. This particular year, we got caught in a gigantic thunderstorm. It started raining as we were headed up the mountain, but freak storms are common in North Carolina, and we thought it would blow over shortly. By the time we got close to the top we were in the middle of a huge thunderstorm. And we were on the top of a mountain surrounded by very tall trees. (Remember what I said about us being mature??) So we decided it would be in our best interest to turn around. By the time we got back to the parking lot, the rain had stopped. Figures. What I love about this picture: Jenney’s face, Getty’s hair, the fact that Shannon’s shirt says “Dirt Magnet” (and we were all very dirty and wet at the moment) and Dan’s shirt says, “Today is a great day.” Kind of ironic. Oh, and I was there, but someone had to take the picture.

This is Jen, Holly and I junior year. On Fridays, none of us had any classes until chapel, so at 8 we would meet in the commons and get Toaster Strudels for breakfast. Mrs. Dalton bought them just for us. It was the highlight of our whole week!

The rest of these pictures are from senior year. This is Christy and I in a Goodwill store on spring tour. We found these coats and couldn’t resist trying them on. :) Only after did I begin to think about where those coats may have come from....yuck!!

This is Ben on Valentines Day. Whoever was in charge of such things picked the most unromantic person on the whole campus to deliver the valentines balloons and such. So funny, we just had to get a picture!

This is Jaimie and I at the Valentines Banquet. We had so much fun, but we were paying a price for beauty...we were freezing! Seriously, who were we trying to impress?

This picture always makes me sniff just a little. :) Here we are...best friends...and we made it to graduation. Not only that, but Ben kept his regalia on long enough for us to get a picture. Talk about accomplishments!!

This has to be my most favorite picture of all. Christy, Getty and I were honestly studying together for something, and Ben was supposed to be. Instead, he took Christy’s phone and was taking random pictures of everyone in the commons. Then he came over to our table, leaned back and said, “Get in you guys.” This is probably the one and only picture he ever took all 4 years, but he did good. He really captured us, the way we all will remember it.

Christy said recently, “I don’t really wish college back, but maybe friends....” That is exactly how I feel! I miss you all and can’t wait until our paths cross again!

Now someone go get Holly some tissues....


  1. See ya'll at the 30 year!

  2. So YOU are the anonymous person lurking around my blog. :) You meany-paants!


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